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Amazing Crazy Productions

Co-Founder * Executive Producer * Visionary

ACP was started from a place of love & true passion for the art of storytelling.  

I wanted a creative space to house my own projects separate from the freelance

work I do.  Currently, we have over 20+ original projects that are in different

stages of development.


With Amazing Crazy Productions, my personal goal is to create content we

are truly passionate about & collaborate with people we are simply excited

to work with.  


As a company, we are focused on inspiring & empowering content, telling stories

we believe the world needs to hear.

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Let's Create!

Calling all the doers, the dreamers, 

the wanderers, the believers, the visionaries, the creatives, the passionate souls who just wanna shine some beauty & love onto this world and who aren't afraid to shake things up... if you're an "amazing crazy" one, we want to hear from you!

Make sure to mention in your message why you're reaching out

* Tell me a story.  (let's collab!)

* I need you on my project!  (hire ACP)

* Just sending good vibes.  (love notes only)

* I wanna feature you!  (pr / media)

* Take the microphone! (podcast / speaking)

* I believe in your vision!  (finance / sponsor)

* You have to see this!!!  (send it our way)

* Other... 

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Thanks for reaching out!

Freelance  TV / Film Producer

I grew up a performer.  I always felt more alive on a stage, playing someone else,

than I ever did in my real life.  


My first audition was during a family vacation on a cruise ship, and the moment I

stepped on that stage with a burlap sac over my head playing "The Scarecrow,

I fell in love with the theater.  In all my years performing in front of others, the biggest

discovery I made was realizing just how deeply stories connected within me.  It didn't

matter if I made someone laugh or cryI just loved being able to help someone escape

their reality and feel something real.  


After years of trying to get my big break in L.A., I got tired of chasing the childhood

dream to stardom and decided to shift my focusrealizing I could still give viewers

those same feelings but from a different perspective, the one of a creative producer.  


With over 15 years of freelance producing experience in both field & post production,

I have been fortunate to work on an array of projects spanning from scripted, non-scripted and documentary television to scripted and documentary feature films.  As those of us in the biz know, there's many projects we work on that light a certain fire within us that, unfortunately, never make it to the screen. I'm grateful for all the work & experiences I've had thus far in my career.  And I'm eagerly excited to discover the ones yet to be revealed.




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